About Us

Hey, am Robert, and I run 10 Music Beasts


From the time I got tiny radio speakers at age 10, I now have multiple musical instruments such as vintage turntables, amplifiers, DAC, and many more. I have always been an introverted person. I started learning and teaching music online. I work from home, teaching music, and helping them by building their music portfolio. Even in the holidays, I love to spend time searching for different music equipment because music is my passion.

Witing is also the passion that I found after that.

My Story

Before starting this site, I had to face hassle while buying any product. I realize that people are also facing this issue; they need some suggestions from experts to get the right product. 

So I decided to build 10musicbeasts. This spot let me explore many music beasts for people who are a newbie in the music profession.

Who Are We?

Everything you found on “10 Music Beasts” the product rating and their reviews of our own making. We don’t use other’s reviews for any purpose. These products are tested by ourselves; we have spent hours and days to get customers reviews to present the best collection. 

Products & Reviews

If you are the owner/producer/member of the company whose product we have reviewed here, and you have some positive or negative comments about the reviews we have addressed. Let us know; we’ll consider your feedback happily.

Our Values

Music lovers take pride in working on customer care, honesty, quality assurance, customer comfort, affordable rates, and reliable payments.

Excellent Customer Service

We believe that it is our clients who give us a preferred option for music accessories. Our client service team is always where to support you with your questions and hear your feedback.

Contact Us

For any query, go to the Contact Page and drop your question regarding any matter.