Best DAC for Gaming

A digital audio convertor or DAC can convert digital audio signals into analogue signals to provide better sound quality. These are the Best DAC for gamers to get the most audio experience as audio is primarily forgotten in many gamer settings. A dedicated AMP or DAC should be a requirement for any serious audiophile.Best Dac For Gaming

When it comes to gaming, all gamers focus on the visual aspect to get a whole experience that involves good audio quality. Let’s upgrade the audio setup by choosing one of the best options available in the market.

Top 10 Best DAC for Gaming in 2022

A DAC takes the digital information of 0s to 1s from the audio device and converts it into an analogue to get a much more desirable audio experience. In addition to reducing internal device noise, it increases the bitrate of the audio output and provides crystal clear sound. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Sound BlasterX G6Sound BlasterX G6Dynamic Range: 130dB (A-weighted)
Dimensions: 4.37 x 0.94 x 2.76 inches
Weight: 7.1 ounces
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Fiio E10K DACFiio E10K DACDigital In (USB/OTG DAC)
DAC Chip: Single AKM4452
Audio Input: Micro USB/3.5 mm Jack
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FiiO K3 USB DACFiiO K3 USB DACDimensions: 2.76 x 2.28 x 0.87 inches
Volume Knob: ADC
USB Audio: USB 1.0/ USB 2.0
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FiiO K5 ProFiiO K5 ProDimensions: 4.72 x 1.97 x 5.12 inches
Weight: 15.4 ounces
AK4493 DAC chips
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Audioengine D1Audioengine D1Product dimensions: 3.5×3.75×1″ (89x95x25mm)
Weight: 1.0lbs (0.5kg)
DAC type: USB and Optical
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Creative Sound BlasterCreative Sound BlasterWeight: 4.8 ounces
Headphones up to 600 ohm
112dB DAC
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Syba SonicSyba SonicWeight: 0.88lb
Operation Amplifier: TI LM4562 x1
Sampling Rate: 24bit/96KHz (Max.)
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Micca OriGen G2Micca OriGen G2Dimension: 4.6 x 2 x 1.9 inches
Weight: 6 ounces
Output gain levels: 5.6Vrms and 1.7Vrms
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FX Audio DAC-X6FX Audio DAC-X6Line level output: RMS 2V
Distortion: ≤0. 001%
Frequency Response: 20hz-20khz
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Sennheiser GSX 300Sennheiser GSX 30016 bit / 48 kHz 7.1 surround sound
High resolution 24 bit / 96 kHz stereo
2 year Sennheiser/EPOS warranty
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1- Sound BlasterX G6

Sound BlasterX G6 is the highest-ranked product on the list. G6 is the updated version of BlasterX G5 to give a more enjoyable experience than the previous one to improve the audio immediately. The USB Sound card perfectly works with Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and PS4. It doesn’t depend on the amp like a PC or console as it emphasises a comprehensive collection of connectivity options.

A Virtual 7.1 surround sound features, Scout Mode, Dolby Digital, game voice volume balancing, and sound enhancement technologies from Sound Blaster make this a powerful sound enhancement device.

Accurate Positioning

Support for 7.1 virtual surround sound and Dolby Digital decoding produces the opponents’ gunshots, footsteps, and other audio cues in the games with remarkable accuracy.Sound Blasterx G6

The Sound Blaster E3 is an HD headphone amplifier that enhances audio quality with its Bluetooth functionality. It offers high-quality audio performance with wireless music streaming for intelligent devices. The E3 is a headphone amplifier and USB Dac with a Bluetooth connection for smartphones and tablets.Creative Sound Blaster
The Sound Blaster has a 600ohm headphone amplifier and 112dB DAC to ensure the highest grade’s audio fidelity.


  • Dimension: 4.13 x 1.85 x 5.51 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 ounces
  • Headphones up to 600 ohm
  • 112dB DAC
  • Bluetooth audio streaming: Up to 8 hours
  • Analog audio playback: 17 hours
  • Micro USB-to-USB cable (length 3.28ft)
  • 4-Pole analog cable (length 2.62 ft)
  • SBX Pro Studio: PC / MAC
  • Max playback quality USB 2.0 (PC / Mac): up to 24-bit / 96KHz
  • Streaming Audio via USB (mobile): up to 24-bit / 48KHz
  • Max recording quality: 24-bit / 48KHz
  • Connector: microUSB (PIC32MX)
  • Headphone Output: 1x 3.5mm jack
  • Headphone Output / Microphone Input: 1 x 3.5mm jack
  • Line Input: 1 x 3.5mm jack (4-pin)
  • Operating Range: Up to 10 m
  • High-quality headphone amplification
  • Incredible high audio streaming quality
  • Built-in Microphone
  • The small and light unit
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Connectivity: Dual Headphone-Out, Mic In, Line In, USB
  • Buttons Control
  • Great Battery life
  • Enhanced Audio Quality
  • Quickstart leaflet, Warranty leaflet On-the-go cable Includes in the package.
  • Sometimes clicking sound reaches above a certain level.

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7- Syba Sonic – Stereo Headphone Amplifier

The Syba Sonic is one of the best Stereo Headphone Amplifiers with an intelligent noise reduction chip to filter noise and produce high-fidelity sound quality. It allows the audio quality to be enjoyed as it has a studio’s recording standard with higher than CD sound quality up to 24bit/96KHZ.Syba Sonic
There are a Support Microphone + headphones to solve computer sound card damage.


  • Dimensions: L 4.00 × W 4.00 × H 3.75 in
  • Weight: 0.88lb
  • Operation Amplifier: TI LM4562 x1
  • Sampling Rate: 24bit/96KHz (Max.)
  • (6.3mm) Stereo Headphone Jack
  • 3.5mm Mini Stereo Headphone Jack
  • 2.03.5mm Input Analog Microphone
  • Analog Line-in (Stereo) Up to 24bit/96KHz)
  • RCA Analog Output (Stereo)1/4″
  • 44.1 kHz Playback/Recording Sampling Rate
  • 48 kHz Playback/Recording Sampling Rate
  • 96 kHz Playback/Recording Sampling Rate

  • Noise reduction chip filters
  • Easy Plug and Play
  • No Driver or Software Installation Required
  • Interface: Mini USB Rev
  • Output Volume Control
  • Integrated De-pop Function
  • Suppress Pop Noise During PC
  • Powered by USB Port
  • Digital Coaxial Output
  • Output Volume Control
  • 1 year Limited Warranty
  • Superior audio quality
  • Unbeatable value for money
  • Cmedia CM6533 Chipset
  • USB-Bus-Powered
  • Have Microphone Input
  • Not available

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8- Micca OriGen G2 – High-Resolution USB DAC

The Micca OriGen G2 is a digital audio playback device that offers high-resolution PCM audio up to 24-bit/192kHz. Its powerful preamp and headphone amplifier are suitable for compact desktop computer audio systems with powered headphones and monitors. Use the OriGen+ to avoid a computer’s sound card and unlock the music library’s full sonic potential.Micca Origen G2

Unique audio stream interface support involves both WASAPI Push/Event and ASIO output modes. The analogue section provides headphone output or switchable line-level by utilising JRC NJM4556 op-amps with two output gain levels, 1.7Vrms, and 5.6Vrms.


  • Dimension: 4.6 x 2 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Output gain levels: 5.6Vrms and 1.7Vrms
  • 0.5 Ohm output impedance 
  • 16-600 Ohm headphones
  • PCM audio up to 24-bit/192kHz
  • Audio controller: 2.0 High-Speed 480Mbps
  • Switchable line-level
  • Excellent drive capability
  • Enhanced signal strength
  • Low noise
  • Low interference
  • Solid Construction
  • Digital audio playback
  • High-resolution PCM audio
  • Stereo analog line level
  • Combination optical S/PDIF digital output
  • Powerful built-in headphone amp
  • Flexible source connection
  • Advanced audio stream interface
  • ASIO and WASAPI Push/Event output 
  • No improvement over the average headphone jack

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9- FX Audio DAC-X6

FX-AUDIO-DAC-X has a standard input interface that is easy to use. Plug it with a computer through an optical cable or USB cable. It doesn’t require any software or tool to install it. The unit shows up in Windows’ Playback Devices as it has SPDIF Interface. There are many advanced features like USB/coaxial, optical fibre, standard RCA interface, Line level output, and many more.Fx Audio Dac X6


  • Package Weight: 500g
  • Standard Input Interface: Fiber optic, PC USB / coaxial
  • Standard output interface: 6.35mm headphone output
  • Line level output: RMS 2V
  • Distortion: ≤0. 001%
  • Frequency Response: 20hz-20khz
  • Perfect driving 32Ω-600Ω headphones
  • Output power: 90mw / 600Ω, 180mw / 300Ω, 450mw / 100Ω, 610mw / 62Ω, 910mw / 32Ω,
  • 1000mw / 16Ω
  • SNR: ≥105dB
  • Adapter USES voltage: 100-240ACV
  • Adapter Voltage: 100-240ACV
  • Adapter output voltage: Dc12V 1A above
  • Machine dimensions: 146mm x 98mm x35mm
  • Digital Audio Decoder
  • Multiple input options
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Ease of use
  • Bass is fairly fast
  • Quality control is excellent
  • A host of input options
  • No audible hiss
  • Value for money
  • Volume control
  • Create distortion in music 

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10- Sennheiser GSX 300 – Audio Gaming Amplifier for PC

GSX 300 takes the gaming experience to another level by providing high-resolution audio in stereo. The EPOS Gaming is compatible with its 7.1 surround algorithm and advanced digital music processing.Sennheiser Gsx 300 GSX 300 allows the customisation of sound profiles; it also offers advanced noise cancellation controls to improve acoustic accuracy and reduce background noise for enhanced microphone control.

The unit has a simple and intuitive design that comes with integrated hardware to control the gaming volume. There are customisable intelligent buttons to toggle between profiles or modes.


  • Dimentions: 2.24 x 6.65 x 5.59 inches
  • Weight: 0.50 lbs
  • Color: BLACK
  • 16 bit / 48 kHz 7.1 surround sound
  • High resolution 24 bit / 96 kHz stereo
  • 2 year Sennheiser/EPOS warranty
  • High-Resolution Audio EQ
  • External sound card
  • Good build quality
  • Hassle-free plug-and-play
  • The proprietary EPOS gaming suite
  • Acoustic clarity and accuracy
  • Finger-tip volume control
  • Contemporary high-tech look
  • Perfect for any gaming setup
  • LED indicator
  • Stylish minimalist design
  • Volume is bit low

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What is DAC ad headphone AMP?

Headphone amps and DACS (digital-analogue converter) allow you to play and listen to audio files or digital files via headphones. It offers audio clear and sharp to enjoy the game. Due to the high impedance that quality headphones require, a solid amp or DAC must dress the most from the audio.

How do Headphone Amps and DACs Work?

Music or other audio files saved in a system or computer are kept in a specific format. Usually, those files are formed of binary digital data (think 1s and 0s) that need turning to analogue format to play through Headphones. So this is the situation where digital-to-analogue converter or DAC comes to play its role. It decodes the audio file, like mp3, and plays it to understand voice better.

How to Use a DAC and Headphone Amp?

Luckily it’s not as much complicated as it looks. Unusual DACs require some installation, while some don’t need any installation. Most options in the list connect via USB Connector. And the manual guide is also available to give away to use. 


Understanding what type of amp and DAC should get is the main point. Without this, nobody can make a great choice. Consider the headphones’ impedance and sensitivity levels to give an idea of what should buy or whatnot. Check out the Headphone Power Calculator and Compare the required power levels with the unit’s specification t get the most suitable device. Sound BlasterX G6 is on the top of the list and highly recommended device by professionals. But besides this, there are some key features that you should notice while buying a DAC for gaming. Let’s have a look.

  • Control options
  • Compatibility
  • Price
  • Single unit, or separate amp and DAC
  • Brand & manufacturer
  • Type & Size

But keep in mind these top 10 lists to find the best DAC. 

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