How to Make a Speaker Louder

Do you want to blast out with your favourite music, but the speaker is not louder enough? That doesn’t mean purchasing a new one to resolve the issue. It doesn’t matter if it is a Bluetooth speaker, stereo speaker, or computer speaker.

Here is the solution for every speaker to make them louder with some quick tips. Most speaker systems can handle the reasonably loud volume and good enough for everyday situations but not enough to enjoy music on a noisy subway.

How To Make A Speaker Louder

Set Speaker Bass

To set a speaker bass, it’s necessary to understand the relationship between bass output and the speaker box size. The broader speaker box to the diameter offers the bass output deeper, and the smaller box to the driver provides the bass output less deep. So always go with a larger container.

Better Amplifier

Having a better amplifier is another great way to explore. Set the stereo’s amplifier with its matches wattage optimal range number to get the exceptional level of sound and performance. Get affordable DAC to enjoy every beat clearly at the affordable price range.

Move to Different Area

If the speaker doesn’t produce enough volume, then change the speaker’s place, move it to another location in the room, and check how’s it sounds.

Make Computer Speakers Louder

Making computers sound louder is not too tricky. There are some quick and easy steps to make It loud-mouthed. May be speaker is not in good condition, so check it properly to resolve it.

Troubleshoot it, solve the problem, and check all the wirings and connections to see any unsecured links that may influence the sound output. Check out the speaker’s driver; it shouldn’t be out of date, and keep the speaker clean. It should be updated to the latest version, and the driver should be matched to the speaker’s brand as it also affects its output quality.

Connecting the laptop or computer with another one and testing how it functions is the easiest way to identify the problem. If the volume still low, then it could be a problem with the speaker.

Low Volume Feature

When the Low Volume feature detects any communication activities, it automatically reduces the volume.  As there are many online games where teammate talks to each other, its called communication activity, in this situation, the volume automatically operate low.

There are four main options for Low Volume features:

  1. Mute all other sounds
  2. Decrease the volume of other sounds by 80%
  3. Decrease the volume of other sounds by 50%
  4. And do nothing.

Maintain a high volume by checking these features frequently.

PC /Laptop Settings

Connect the speaker with another system like pc or laptop if it works fine, there is a chance that the problems are in the PC.  Check to from setting as the window 7,8, and 10 Low Volume feature decreases the volume by up to 100% in particular circumstances.

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Make A Bluetooth Speaker Louder

Bluetooth speakers use wireless technology that indicates that any device with Bluetooth connectivity can easily connect with Bluetooth speakers such as laptops and smartphones. Many advantages can’t be ignored, but there are also some disadvantages as it doesn’t have much performance as plugged-in speakers because it relies on battery power.

But that doesn’t indicate that it can’t use for more expansive areas or big rooms. Just follow these simple tips:

Check Out the Room Area

There is no big hack to make it louder; you need to use it in an appropriate-sized room. The sound waves can be appropriately heard even in the vast, open room as it spread out the waves too far. You need to find the right place to set it.  Set it near the wall to make the sound volume higher. Studying the space allows controlling the Bluetooth speaker’s work.

Place It Against A Wall

The walls can perform as a sound amplifier. This is the most popular way to boost the sound of any Bluetooth speaker. It increases volume up to 25%  by setting it in the perfect spot. The furniture in the room may also weaken or distort the sound.

Place It On The Floor

The most effective and easiest way to make it louder is to place it on the floor just like the Floor Standing Speakers. There is a scientific reason behind this; the vibration flows more naturally when the wireless speaker is placed on the ground. The result is unfiltered and clear sound.

Check out these tricks for increasing or controlling speaker volume.

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