Klipsch KG4 Review

Audiophiles can get home theatre surrounds sound with Klipsch KG4 floor-standing speaker. The two-way KG4 speakers come with two poly woofer and phenolic horn tweeter diaphragms set in a medium-density fiberboard place.

The tweeter is 1 inch, and the woofers are 8 inches each. These features allow providing full range human hearing with the frequency range of 38-20,000 Hz.Klipsch Kg4 Review

Klipsch KG4 Review 

Klipsch kg4 is a pack of quality features stored in a small cabinet weight of 40 pounds. It comes with various sturdy finishes such as Oak Oil, Walnut Oil, and black.

These floor-standing speakers can handle most home audio listening experiences, such as stereophonic music listening and surround sound entertainment.


The bass is fast and full-bodied that doesn’t disturb even in a high or sharp voice. Mids are well articulated to provide clear sound. It offers a better sounding experience while putting it on a stand. KG4 is the best choice for jazz, rock, and electronica.  The Yamaha RS201 also provides excellent sounding expertise with its unique features.

There is a separate measurement for the passive cone and the driven woofers.

Room Placement

Top-rated construction makes it suitable for almost any living room décor, such as Contemporary, Vintage, and transitional.

Room placement is not as critical as the other sounding system. Just place it according to the room setting; it’s best to put it at some distance from the walls and corner. Try this and then notice the massive difference in sound changes. 

Power Handling

KG4 speakers have a maximum power rating of 500 watts, each producing 100 watts of continuous power. Speakers with a nominal impedance of 6 ohms are much more efficient than speakers with 8 ohms. That means the speaker is powerful enough to produce a more significant amount of wastage for each signal. Klipsch Kg4

Speaker Design

There are two woofers and a tweeter in the speaker housed in a medium-density fiberboard enclosure. The Twitter is one inch, and the woofer is 8 inches each. The all these features ensure a close and loud sound as well as an equal range of frequencies. With a frequency range of 38-20kHz, the kg4 speakers provide complete coverage of human listening with a slight boost in the high end.

These floor standing speakers suit most home audio listening needs, A stereophonic music system is included in a home’s entertainment system, so that there may be stereophonic music listening.

DRIVERS. These Klipsch KG4 speakers combine a poly woofer diaphragm paired with a high-quality phenolic horn tweeter enclosed within a medium-density fiberboard cabinet.

Each woofer is 8 inches in diameter, while the tweeter measures 1 inch. The frequency range that can be reproduced by these drivers ranges from 38 to 20,000 Hz, offering a close match to human hearing. However, they have an emphasis on high-frequency frequencies.

A titanium tweeter replacement may improve the sound if it purchases from a certain store. The section below contains the UPGRADE A. They’re quite sensitive (94 decibels) and will work with virtually any amp type, which is an especially nice feature of this Klipsch KG4 speaker system.

FINISH & CABINET. There are several finishes available for the 40-pound cabinet, including Walnut Oil, Oak Oil, and Black.

Cable Recommendations

When it comes to cables, have a pretty simple rule – the cable needs to be decent. The rest of it is marketing. Although, some connoisseurs have their own opinions, which prefer to include. Silver is not recommended! Here is a list of cables that are recommended:

  • XLO Ref.3 and up
  • Argentum Acoustics
  • Cardas Golden Cross to begin with
  • Cardas Golden Reference will give better results

Even more than the speakers, these cables cost a lot.

The cables have never been tried with KG-4 but will give amazing results.


  • Qms = 5.900
  • Qes = 0.405
  • Qts = 0.379
  • Fs = 27.99Hz
  • Re = 7.00 Ohms
  • Xmax = 4.0000mm
  • Watts = 100.0000Watts
  • Sensitivity = 88.58db
  • Impedance = 4.00 Ohms
  • Vas = 3.0724cuFT = 86.987 liters
  • Built-in: 1985
  • Built until: 1992
  • Weight: 40 lbs. (18.2kg)
  • Nominal impedance: 6 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 94db @ 1watt/1meter
  • Frequency response: 38hz-20khz(+-)3db
  • Power handling: 100 watts maximum continuous
  • Finishes: walnut oil, oak oil, finished black.
  • Tweeter: k-74-k 1″ (2.54cm) phenolic dome confining driver
  • High-frequency horn: 90(o)x40(o) exponential horn
  • Woofer: two k-8-k 8″ (30.48cm) fiber-composite cone passive (20.32cm) poly icg cone active / kd-12 12″
  • Enclosure material: medium density fiberboard building (MDF)
  • Enclosure type: bass-reflex through the passive radiator
  • Dimensions: 24.25″ (61.6cm) x 15.75″ (40cm) x 10.75″ (27.3cm)
  • Floor-standing speaker system
  • Smooth frequency response
  • Horn-loaded tweeter
  • Plastic-cone woofers
  • 3-Way Short-Tower Speakers
  • Well-known models
  • Affordable price
  • Construction is top-rate
  • Technological edge
  • Passive radiator cabinet design
  • Medium-density fiberboard enclosure
  • A manual guide is hard to understand

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Based on this complete review, the points of view clarify why it should be bought and what makes it worthwhile. Taking a look at these honest reviews makes the decision easy. The simple design and quality features make it stand out from other products. Share your quality reviews and let us know what you like the most.

An A/B comparison with other speakers demonstrated that this speaker has a high sensitivity. K4 Speakers offer excellent frequency response and high sensitivity, which makes them an exceptional speakers for home use. An A/B comparison with other speakers demonstrated that this speaker has a high sensitivity. K4 Speakers offer excellent frequency response and high sensitivity, which makes them an exceptional speakers for home use.

The Klipsch home theatre system combines 70 years of acoustic expertise with proprietary technology to deliver outstanding performance.

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